Why choose Natural and Organic?

At Kenview Farms, we attempt to have the most natural product that we can. When possible, we adhere to practices similar to organic. There are three main processes that we can affect in this manner: the
feed preparations, the animals and the prepared foods. These methods practiced at Kenview Farms provide a natural food at an affordable price.

Feed preparation

Grass is harvested as dry bales or chopped silage. Because of the nature of grass, it can be produced
with minimal interference and practices similar to organic production. We fertilize with the cattle waste product on the high yielding acreage and the pasture ground is self fertilized by the animals as they
graze. This method requires no chemical fertilizers.

Corn is grown using a no-till practice as opposed to conventional tillage which requires only one pass across the acreage instead of three. This tillage method is a low compaction method which reduces the carbon footprint. Additionally, we use the animal waste product reducing the need for increased levels of chemical fertilizers. This method of undisturbed seed bed ensures less runoff of nutrients into the ecosystem.

Corn, harvested as silage, uses the entire plant. This method provides nutrients from the stalk similar to grass as well as energy from the grain.

The animals

We are dedicated to providing a high quality product. To accomplish this, we have eliminated all unnecessary use of antibiotics by establishing a vaccine program that ensures a healthy start for
the beef animals. We believe that this is a safe and healthy alternative to organic animal production.
As with organic producers, we do not use growth hormones to speed up the weight gain of the animal.
Additionally, home grown feeds guarantee that the beef animals do not consume any animal by-products.

The poultry are fed an all natural vegetable mash. There are no animal by-products or antibiotics in this feed.

The Prepared Food

All of our prepared foods have been processed by Rita’s Natural and Organic Foods. Every unit produced uses our natural meat and organic vegetables produced by certified vegetable farms. This means no
pesticides and no chemical fertilizers. The prepared foods are also low in sodium and do not contain preservatives or chemical stabilizers.