What is sustainable agriculture?

Sustainable agriculture is a method of raising food that is healthy for consumers, preserves agricultural land, provides a fair wage to the farmer, supports and enhances rural communities, does not harm the environment and respects animals.

  • Conservation tillage reduces fuel consumption and carbon footprint by requiring fewer trips over the field.
  • Conservation tillage sequesters C02 in the soil from less tillage and more organic material cover
  • Conservation tillage protects the soil from erosion and water evaporation which makes the crops turn out better. These crops help make our cattle more healthy to give you the best natural beef in Ontario.
  • Nutrient management strategy to reduce use of fertilizer. Kenview Farms has an environmental farm plan and nutrient management strategy that dictates the way we operate. This reduces the dependence on petroleum based chemicals.
  • Right sizing versus economies of scale – Using smaller tractors to conserve fuel and reduce carbon foot print