Birth to Plate

The life cycle of a beef animal is categorized by its weight. The calf remains with the cow from birth to 650lbs.The pair are pastured during summer and moved to a well ventilated facility for the winter. At the desired weight the weaned animal moves to the next stage.

The second stage, from 650 to 800 lbs, called backgrounding, increases the frame of the animal. The feed ration during this phase relies heavily on pasture grass, dry hay and haylage.

The third phase, from 800lbs to market weight is known as the finishing period. It occurs in the last 90 to 120 days. At Kenview Farms, we have two methods of finishing. The first method is silage finished which uses both grass haylage and corn silage for finishing. The feed content of the silage finishing ration is 40% grass silage, 40% corn stalk and leaf, and 20% grain.

The second finishing method that we use is our premium grass finished line. This method is the historical method used to finish cattle. Our grass finished animals are finished with both dry hay and grass haylage. The finished product is our 100% natural grass fed beef born and raised in Ontario.