Benefits of buying local

The benefits of buying local are numerous, but here are a few in particular that we believe are fundamental requirements for the food you cook and eat.

  • By buying local there is less shipping. The average item of food in the United States is transported 2400 kilometres before it gets to your kitchen.
  • Eat Fresh – less time on the road means better taste on your plate – Meat is aged and vegetables are ripened properly without the use of chemicals or preservatives – You can eat your local tomato the same day it was picked and you can eat our Grass fed beef knowing that it hasn’t traveled hundreds of kilometers.
  • Buying locals ensures your money stays local – 91 cents of each dollar spent at the grocery store goes to suppliers, processors, middlemen, and marketers; only 9 cents of each dollar actually goes to the farmer.
  • Traceability – know what’s in your food and how well the animals were treated – Kenview Farms is committed to using a natural product. This means all the food the animals eat is grown on the farm and the no growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics are used.
  • By visiting local farmers markets and on-farm stores such as Kenview Country Cuts, you can experience your food not just buy it. Many farms offer the opportunity to pick your fruits and vegetables and at Kenview Farms you can see the animals in their environment. With little effort you can freeze local product and enjoy it all year round.
  • Sustainable farm practices.