Established in 2008, Kenview Country Cuts is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kenview Farms. Kenview Farms operates on
600 acres of land with 400 acres under conservation tillage. Kenview Farms markets corn, soybeans, small grains, legume hay, beef, chicken and other products through the retail store Kenview Country Cuts.

The farm operates a small cow-calf operation with 85 Angus beef cows. The cows are raised on the farm from birth to processing at the age of approximately 20 to 24 months. The animals are fed a corn silage diet to develop a well marbled, but healthy product. We also have a grass fed line which enjoys grass silage or dry hay for a low gluten product. The animals are all processed at a local, provincially inspected abattoir to allow for complete customization of cutting.

The health of our animals is our first priority and as such, we maintain birthing health records for each animal. The animals enjoy spacious and clean housing, fresh air, healthy pastures with a large variety of natural grasses and corn silage supplemented with natural minerals. All of the food our animals eat is grown on the farm.

The poultry grown on the farm is also housed in spacious open air environments for their comfort. They are finished on a strict diet free of antibiotics. They have natural ventilation and lighting while remaining sequestered from predators and other health and safety risks.

We sell our beef and the pork we have sourced by the piece or in different packages. This customizability will offer you the most selection and we are committed to our product so if you don’t see a specific cut, we can always get it for you.

We also sell through our retail partners Foodsmiths and Wendy’s Mobile Market.

We can have the product delivered in a temperature-controlled environment; however, we prefer to invite you into our store for pick-up so you can see the farm.

Can’t make it to the store? Our products can be found in various local retail stores.